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My Story

I’ve been entertaining audiences for over 15 years through social media, writing and directing short films, developing full-length features and shooting other fun shorts and music videos. When I’m not directing and producing my own films, I’m supporting the independent film community and other artistic mediums as an Executive Producer.

The process of building something from the ground up and turning it into a piece that people can consume and enjoy is what really drives me to go bigger and bigger with every production.

Executive Producer, Writer and Director

Yeah, this website is about me and rather than bore you with a bunch of reasons as to why I’m so awesome, I’d like to talk about you. Whether you’re one of my peers, an aspiring artist or someone looking for my help, I want you to know that my purpose is to entertain you or help you entertain others.

Here’s a bunch of cool stuff about me.

  • Writing, directing, editing short films since I was 12. My first big project was N.E.T.
  • Connected to fellow high-profile YouTubers and artists whom share a passion for entertaining.
  • All of my work, I’ve marketed on my own including social media, websites, ads and more.
  • I’m active in the community and donate funds to both charities, good causes and fellow artists.

Write, Shoot and Edit

Your goals become my own and I plan, act and execute strategically. I build out your stories into a creative piece for your audience or marketing campaign.

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